Scholarship money is raised and distributed in two different ways:

Sponsored Scholarships 

Scholarships are set up by individuals, businesses, corporations, or other consortiums of people who want to contribute scholarship money under a specific named scholarship. The Swanville Dollars for Scholars uses money raised in its fundraising efforts to match sponsor scholarship monies. For more information or to begin the process of establishing a sponsored scholarship, contact Teresa Giese at

The matching fund program now consists of over 50 donors participating annually.  We request donors to participate for a minimum of 5 years; however, that is not a legally binding agreement, only a request.  The Swanville Dollars for Scholars "matches" the donor's contribution and a scholarship in the total amount of the donor's contribution plus the "match"   is awarded in the donor's name, or in memory or honor of another person.  The donors participating in this program provide scholarships ranging in amounts from $500 to $1000 each. 


Fundraising efforts provide the opportunity for donations throughout the year. Major local fundraisers sponsored by Swanville Dollars for Scholars include: Poinsetta Sales, Swanville Birthday Calendar Sales and tailgating at USA Patriots games.